• Recently I've started having issues with downloads in utorrent being very slow and/or not working I initially suspected that my ISP rogers might be throttling me but I've also experienced frequent (1-2 times per hour) disconnects in IRC, painfully slow RDP connections (from external -> inside my network), and frequent disconnects from my KVM at work.

    This all started around the same time that I upgraded to PFsense to 2.0-BETA5. CPU Usage is 11% Memory Usage is 47% SWAP Usage is 0% Disk Usage is 1%

    As new updates are being released I am upgrading (but that doesn't seem to be helping). Obviously all I have is anecdotal evidence but is anyone else experiencing similar problems?

    I'm not sure how to begin debugging this. I don't really want to replace/downgrade pfsense as that would be somewhat time consuming. Any suggestions?

  • Which build of 2.0-BETA5 are you using?

    I had problems with the Feb 2 snapshot that would resolve only by rebooting pfSense about once per hour, but Feb 3 snapshot seemed to fix this and I didn't need to reboot pfSense.  If you grabbed the Feb 2 snapshot, I highly recommend updating to newer version.

  • I've been upgrading regularly (every time I see a new release). I'm currently on 2.0-BETA5 (i386) built on Fri Feb 4 02:36:03 EST 2011.

    Todays build doesn't seem to have resolved the issues I'm facing. Is there an easy way to rollback to an older build?


  • If you don't have a virtual machine with a saved snapshot, reverting is generally easiest by saving a config.xml export and then reinstalling with an older snapshot from the Snapshots server, then restoring the config.xml file you saved from the working system (or a backup from when it was working before but it's likely even a backup from the install you were having problems with will be identical and usable with a somewhat recent snapshot). Devs can correct me if I'm wrong but that's what I'd do.

  • Just do a manual update and use an old snap. (the one which worked last with your config). Thats all. You'll get asked about older version, but nothing more. I did that some times without any problem.
    Good luck!

  • Excellent, good to know thanks. Not sure I would have considered downgrading through the upgrade method, but it makes as much sense as anything.