HOWTO: Limit download in devices streaming Hulu & Netflix in 2.0

  • I have been running pfsense 1.2.3 since you were on Floss Weekly Dec 2009. And have been learning parts bit by bit. However after installing version 2.0 BETA, I thought I would implement the traffic shaper & I don't understand it like I want. (I have tried limiters, wizard using penalty box, but nothing works like I want below). So If you could help me solve this problem step-by-step, I think it will increase my comfort level and understanding of your so far easy to use product.
    2 Rokus (streaming Netflix and Hulu)
    1 Wii (streaming Netflix)
    1 Wan Connection (15 Mbps down / 1 Mbps Up)
    1 LAN Connection
    DHCP is setup to lease same address to each device Roku 1 192.168.x.42, Roku 2 192.168.x.43, Wii 192.168.x.41
    I have setup an Alias for the 2 Rokus called "Rokus"

    CURRENTLY: when looking at the traffic, they spike to 15 Mbps to fill buffer, wait 4 times as long, and spike again to fill buffer.

    GOAL: Since the devices are capable of delivering HD stream with 3 Mbps down. I would like to limit the bandwidth of each one having them download longer and buffer less. Therefore leaving the rest of my bandwidth open to all my other traffic.

  • Solution found in this post:

    How to set the limited bandwidth for client ?,33160.msg172696.html#msg172696