• Hello All,

    k-12 school setting

    Have run into a snag this week. Students are using an online testing piece that a jr college provides. Their login works correctly and can navigate all the websites links,but when they log into their testing account(which pops open a WebCTX) page the page always comes up to a blank page. This is to simulate a 'blackboard' thing,and I would guess is java dependent. After whitelisting by domain ,ip address, with no luck,all I could do was in squid enter these workstations to bypass the squid proxy. Then the page appeared OK.

    Sidenote: We run into the same thing at the beginning of school year on the two librarians pc's that uses a connection client to enter book inventory. Same thing here. I wrangled for a few days off and on,doing packet captures trying to make it work. long story short. I had to set their workstations to bypass squid as well. This connection client runs on port 80 FYI. This client uses .NET framework as the core,so not sue if this enters into the equation somehow.
    I found that when the client fails it was never sending or getting an ACK response. But I could not figure how to resolve so I had to do an klug to let the two ladies work on this. As soon as I bypassed squid the client gets an ACK response and connects to the remote server fine.