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    This is a one off question, but does anyone know of any DOCSIS 2.0 pci cards (cable modem) that can be bought? I have looked high and low and simply cannot find any. I am wanting to eliminate the 'device clutter' somewhat in my home server location and thought this should be doable.
    I can not even find any old DOCSIS 1.0 rev pci cards on Ebay.
    I know everyone says you can buy stand alone cable modems for $40USD,but I am wanting to tidey things up,,,:)


  • They dont really make them anymore and are VERY RARE.
    Zoom Model 5001 is one but was discontinued in 2005
    Conexant  also has some old discontinued models
    Motorola SB4000
    Broadcom BCM3379

    But good luck finding one.
    And even if you do I doubt your ISP would even support/allow it as its not one of the approved models

  • With my 2.0 modem that I had (using 3.0 now and dont do this) I had a Motorola SB5120 and took it out of the case, mounted it into a pci slot (nut on the cable connector held it in place) all connections were made on the outside still, but made a custom power adapter to get power from computer and had an ethernet cable going from it into the NIC above it. It was as close as I could get to a PCI cable modem as the only ones I found were 1.1 and not 2.0.

  • If there's enough free space, you can place the modem inside the case.  Pipe the coaxial and network cables through an empty expansion slot.  If you wish to, a simple molex power cable can be used to power the modem from the PSU.

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    I have seen way too many fried cable modems over the years to even consider doing something like that. But that's me.  :P

    Though even if you find a card, FreeBSD may not support it…

  • The SB5120 is relatively cool compared to it's older breathen.  I'm using one now.  The old 3100/ 4100 were toasters.

  • I bought a ZOOM 5001 hoping I could incorporate the cable modem in the pfSense box.  I'm very new to pfSense and I hope to make it work if the speeds are OK.  I called my cable provider and they said that they still support it.  As far as I can tell its a 1.1….....

    I am looking to make a one box solution at home.

    1. WAN
    2. LAN
    3. WiFi
    4. VOIP

    I just got pfSense running but I don't have a clue where to put the drivers.

    Any help would be great, thanks

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    What is the card detected as?
    From some brief research it looks like the Zoom 5001 uses a Conexant chip which should be supported by the dc driver.

    But in 2002 it didn't work:

    What are the drivers you have for it?


  • Steve thanks for the reply.  The Drivers are from the manufactures website,


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    There are only Windows and Linux (2.4!) drivers at Zooms site and pfSense is based on FreeBSD so no luck there.

    You will have to give us some more info. Can you post your bootup messages?

    cat /var/log/dmesg.boot


  • Steve, I would love to give you the file but I'm not familiar with the commands to give you this.  I'm researching/learning on how I can move the file to USB and then post it on the forum.

    But many thanks on giving the location on where to find the boot message.

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    The easiest way is to connect to your pfsense box via SSH and then simply copy and paste the text from your terminal client.
    First go to System -> Advanced -> Admin Access and make the the 'enable secure shell' box is checked.
    Then you can connect your ssh client. In windows I alwasy use putty.


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