[SQUID] Bypassing speedtest.net for accurate tests?

  • Hi all,

    Not that I mind seeing results like this when I measure my bandwidth against speedtest.net:

    As awesome as that looks, I'd like to know how fast my connection actually is between the firewall and the target server, not a cached download to my client :)

    I have tried adding speedtest.net to the bypass settings, but I still get these insane speed readings….

    Any help appreciated!

  • That's odd - I use squid and speedtest.net in several installations and have never seen a test served from the cache.  Maybe your connection is actually 100mb?  That would be nice.

    If you want to bypass squid, you'll just need to find out the IP of your speedtest server so that you can add it to the Squid GUI page under 'Bypass proxy for these destination IPs'.

  • This happens on 2.0 Beta 5. You are right, it never happened to me with 1.2.3.

    And sadly, no, my pipe is not that phat :(

    I'll check the Squid logs for the test server IPs. Thanks for the tip!