Spelling mistake - pfSense is now upgrading. The firew1all will reboot once the

  • Hi,

    small speeling mistake after updating pfsense:
    pfSense is now upgrading.

    The firew1all will reboot once the operation is completed.

  • Like my first programming teacher told me: as long as the misspellings are uniform and you know what its supposed to say/be and I can figure it out either by its description or your notes, I dont care about your spelling.

    I think that applies here as well, another reason its in beta…

  • Hey,

    thats no criticism to someone! It's just a short feedback!!

  • This board is here to discuss/report bugs (though not as official as a bug report at Redmine), I think it's perfectly relevant and I'm guessing a developer will tweak the code to correct the spelling error in the near future because of it.

  • I'm with the OP and David - it's perfectly reasonable to report spelling errors.

  • I did not mean any offense, I was making a sarcastic comment and stating that its another reason 2.0 is in beta, not that one should not report it, they should as the software is in beta and thats what this board is for. Without testers like the OP this software would not be as far as long as it is and I applaud those who test software for the rest of us.

  • Hi,

    I am not a native english speaker. Perhaps there was some misunderstanding or misleading emotions.

    Nevertheless, we all try to help to make pfsense better :-)

  • Rebel Alliance Developer Netgate

    Oddly enough there is no typo there in the code:

    89f0ac4c (Renato Botelho       2010-04-28 15:10:18 -0300 232)   update_output_window($g['product_name'] . " " . gettext("is now upgrading.") . "\\n\\n" . gettext("The firewall will reboot once the operation is completed."));

    And as the output of "git blame" on that line shows, it has not changed since April 28th of last year.

    And I can't recall ever having seen it print "firew1all" there. The text is right both on 2.0 and 1.2.3.

    I'm curious about what would make it display incorrectly for you.

  • Yes please do report typos. But "firew1all" does not appear anywhere in our source code as Jim mentioned.

  • Hi,

    sorry for wasting your time. Don't know why this appeared yesterday on my screen. I did copy and paste. Perhaps a problem with my browser or something else. Today there aren't any "mistakes".  ???

    Sorry for that.