• Hi!

    I came in this morning to see a "fatal trap 12" on the console.  It talked about "pf_state_tree_id_rb_remove_color".  I saw an old thread about this, but have a feeling that it might be a different problem.

    Upon logging into the web interface, I noticed a button that allows you to submit the crash information.  In the text box for submission, it didn't really display much other than a uname -a.  Does additional information get submitted?  I checked /var/crash, but nothing was in it.

    Which kind of brings me to my next question.  How do you submit information in a useful manner?  I checked the stickies and it seems like nothing really explains how to submit a bug report.  Does the web interface submission count?  Is there additional information that is needed?


  • Rebel Alliance Developer Netgate

    If your machine was stuck at the console at a db> prompt, it didn't do a crash dump that can be submitted.

    There is a false positive in the crash dump detection in the GUI on this morning's snapshot, so it probably didn't really have any info to submit.

    When a proper crash dump has been done, it will show all of the info in the text box before submitting, and it will be enough to submit that info as-is.