DNS forwarder with dual WAN

  • Hello everyone

    This could belong in either forum, but I'm going to post it here.

    I've setup dual WAN on two DSL links, and well have had some problems with DNS not working properly, couldn't get static routes or advanced outbound NAT to always point me to the proper (ISP assigned) DNS server.  So my solution was to use two DNS servers from these guys and that works very well if I don't use the DNS forwarder.  However, I would really like to use the DNS forwarder because of caching/local machine names registration.

    Does anybody have an ideas why the forwarder won't work properly here?

    Config as follows:
    WAN - DSL
    LAN - DMZ
    OPT1 - Users
    OPT2 - Secure office
    OPT3 - WAN2
    OPT4 - IP Phones

    running 1.0.1-SNAPSHOT-07-01-2007


  • Please provide some more info. Static routes and using one DNS from each provider should work fine.

  • ok well i'm happy using these servers, in fact i think using them will be more beneficial to me than using my ISP servers in a failed situation.  The reason i say that is because if one of my DSL links fails, then i only have one DNS server available, and if for some reason that one goes down well them I'm hooped.  Using these servers, they are both available from both connections even if one fails.

    as for the other info you're asking about I'm not sure what else you're looking for.
    I have no static routes assigned.  Not using advanced outbound NAT.  All DNS queries are being load balanced out my connections.

    I just want the forwarder to work properly and I'm not sure why it isn't

  • The dns forwarder can't make use of loadbalancing. it always will use the main wan. this means if wan is down the dns forwarder won't be able to resolve dns anymore. you can solve this by adding a static route to one of the used dns-servers/32 via the opt-wan.

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