LAN & WLAN in the same subnet but different DHCP-Ranges?

  • Hi
    Since a couple of days I'm a proud owner ALIX 2d13 and of course I immediately loaded pfsense 1.2.3 on it. Running (almost) anything like a charm:

    I woult like to have LAN & Wireless in the same subnet but with different DHCP ranges. The configuration looks like this at the moment:

    Bridge with: none
    IP address: / 23 (overall subnet = -

    (LAN - DHCP) -

    Bridge with: none
    IP address: / 23 (overall subnet = -
    802.11g Turbo
    Infrastructure (BSS)
    … etc. ..

    (WLAN - DHCP) -

    The problem is:
    No matter if I connect via wireless (laptop) or a LAN cable (Tower) I always get a very high address (,253,252 ...) although I should get a lower IP over the cable (evtl.
    Have been searching for a while now and can't find the problem, no bridge is set up, but maybe I am doing any thinking errors?

    Hope you can help me on the right track :)


    P.S. My english is not perfect, but I hope you understand the meaning of my question. Otherwise, just ask  ;)
    For information: I have already written in the German forum, where I got still no answer, so I hope for better opportunities inthe international forum.
    German Thread:,33002.0.html

  • You can't have the same subnet on two interfaces unless you're bridging, and you can only run one DHCP instance per broadcast domain (and subnet), so that won't work. Best you can do is bridge them and assign reservations.

  • Hi cmb

    Thanks for your reply.
    A friend of mine emailed me a couple of hours just the same.
    In fact, logically - Actually, I should have noticed it by myself.  ::)

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