• I need a way to start gathering some data about the internet connection we have. There are probably other places in this forum where I could have asked this question, but since I am using 2.0rc5 - i386, I thought it would be best here.

    We have a problem with the internet line - ADSL - and we need to try gather as much information as possible. The ISP say that everything looks good from their side, but when internet goes down, it comes up again if we just turn the ADSL modem off and back on.

    It COULD of course be a problem in pfSense that gets solved by the ADSL modem being reset, but I have no idea if that is possible.

    At the moment, the WAN line on pfSense is set to use DHCP from the ADSL modem. I could set it to a fixed IP and see if it helps?

    BTW - we will eventually have two ADSL modems here. Do they need to have different subnets, or does pfSense not care what the external IP is for the WAN's? A lot of these modems come pre-configured from the ISP and will have exactly the same setup and same IP range.

    I have not been able to obtain a login for the ADSL modem yet - not even sure if we will get it…