Using Microsoft IAS to authenticate Pfsense webgui users

  • Hello All,

    I have been trying to set up IAS in server 2003 to authenticate all login attempts to my pfsense box. I'm running 2.0-BETA5 (i386)
    built on Mon Feb 7 10:19:31 EST 2011. I don't have any problem with pfsense talking to my IAS Server and authenticating the users correctly. But after the users are accepted I get the following error, " No page assigned to this user! Click here to logout."

    I have tried setting the Login LAT-Group string to the built in admins group and a custom made group but this is not working. Is there anyway to put all users authenticated by Radius to a specific group. I have also given the "all" user full access and I still get the same error. Any help would be appreciated.


    I did buy the book by the way.

  • Looks like this is a known issue read Hopefully it will be fixed in time for the beta release.


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