Cannot set gateway nor DNS on lan

  • Hello,

    I'm running a pfsense VM that I just want to use to stream my IPTV to my lan (version: 2.0-BETA5 (i386)
    built on Sun Feb 6 12:21:20 EST 2011 )

    Basically, my ISP comes to my house with 2 Lan, with separate ethernet ports.
    The first is data, which my Lan connects to using MS Forefront TMG (I know, but it got some features I need ;-)), giving me an IP address via DHCP. My lan is in the range.

    The second ethernet is only used for IPTV, and only provides private addresse - I get with gateway provided by a DHCP and DNS server - sadly in the same address range as my lan, but ok. The stream is in raw UDP multicast, with addresses in the range.

    I want to put in place an IGMP proxy to avoid the udp packets to flood my lan. I'm using mediaportal tvserver, which should collect the udp multicast packets and stream them in rtsp to its clients.

    I was thinking about installing pfsense with one NIC connected to the ethernet adapter for TV, and the second one to my Lan. The lan side would have a fix ip address with gateway and DNS pointing to the settings of the lan (I have 2 internal DNS servers).

    I tried setting a wan connection and a lan connection - fine. But I need to add a gateway and dns entries on the lan side, to get internet connectivity from pfsense - which I need to add packages to configure my pfsense as per:,16943.msg113914.html#msg113914

    However, if I try to configur emy lan card and add a gateway, once I've entered my forefront IP address and name and clicked save, the "please wait" message and animated gif fires up and stay here infinitely.

    I also noticed that there is no way to set up dns entries for the lan card (unless this appears once the gateway is created?)

    I tested as well creating new vnic as opt, but the behavior is the same.

    Can someone let me know how I shall configure my nics to achieve what I want to do? maybe from the shell?

    In my understanding, there shouldn't be any problem using Wan as the upstream - but how to say to pfsense that internet traffic should go through the lan?

    Thanks in advance for your help, and sorry for the long post.


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