Multiple virtual WAN with DHCP - Is it possible?

  • Hello Forum

    I would like to know if it's possible to have pfsense setup multiple virtual interfaces/IP-addresses on the WAN interface but not using static IP-addresses but DHCP.

    My problem is as follows.

    My pfsense is connected to a cable modem via RJ45 network cable. I have three physical interfaces in the firewall (ALIX box) WAN, LAN, DMZ.
    My ISP told me that i can get 4 IP-addresses and so i want to utilize them all. Rather then buying a real computer an putting in 4 NIC's. Can i just create three more virtual interfaces that get their IP via DHCP from the cable modem?

    Thank you

  • Any ideas?

  • All of those IPs (should) come in on the same interface…just set them up in pfSense as Virtual IPs per the documentation...

  • The problem is that they are aquired via DHCP and i do not know what the IP-address will be until i get hold of it. And there does not seem to be a DHCP-option i the VirtualIP setup.

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