Squid/Lightsquid Internal DNS Resolver for logs

  • I have read the forums around on being able to resolve ip's that are used in squid and lightsquid to an internal DNS, but I can't seem to get it to work correctly (may be lack of sleep).

    System setup at home includes:
    Cable Modem -> pfSense -> LAN Switch   -> Server (2k8 r2)
                              |                  |–-----> Rest of internal network
                              |------> WRLS Switch -> AP for guest access
                              |------> DMZ Switch   -> Slingbox

    DNS's by device:
    pfSense: DynDNS (;
    Server: pfSense (
    Clients: server (

    I think I am supposed to just use the dns setting on squid (as seen below in attached picture), but am unsure which ones I am supposed to change to what to not get an endless loop by my network.  I tried just setting the server forwarder to the dyndns servers, then I was unable to connect to the pfsense webgui.  I am just kinda confused.

    EDIT: Modified diagram.  If it helps running this on a soekris 5501-70 w/hd.  No managed switches.

  • I still have a problem resolving names.  I have tried multiple ways that have been posted in the forum.  I am pretty sure I am getting a DNS loop.  All I want is the lightsquid log to resolve the static ip's that I have on my internal network/dns.

  • same here. Tried several hints that are floating around here with no luck. Seems there is no way at the moment. :(

  • I wish someone would help me out with getting this setup.  Does anyone know?

  • Is there anyone that can help me get this setup on 2.0?

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