Newb help on routing

  • Ok so I have my linksys wifi router hooked up to my internet and upstairs I have my laptop with pfsense,nic and wifi hardwired to my desktop. I would like to keep the firewall on pfsense enabled for added paranoia and I can't figure out where to start to get it routed. Everything is pretty much still at default settings though I have my nic address on pfsense set to, subnet and my wifi on pfsense is getting it's address via dhcp from my linksys router how do I get the internet through to my desktop?I apologize for the lack of details however this is a first attempt for me. Any help is greatly appreciated.

  • Does anyone have some info or suggestions? Please help. I have to have things set up before the new semester starts up.

  • If you have DHCP on your Linksys router, then if you're pfSense will link to the router, it would be a matter of just either setting your IP settings up to use the pfSense as the default gateway on the same subnet.  The pfSense does DHCP on its WAN interface by default, I believe.

  • give us a network diagram with the ip addresses of all the interfaces. it should be quite simple to set it up.

  • Desktop(DHCP)<–---->(ip<--------->(ip
                  LAN(wired)                    LAN(wired)                                            WAN(wireless)                LAN(wireless)                                          WAN(wired)

    I hope that is a good enough diagram to follow. I have been driving myself nuts with this and i'm pretty sure messing with settings that i shouldn't be although i reset it and set it back up to this point again.

  • Do I have to do anything with the rules maybe?

  • Did you disable "block private subnets" at interfaces>wan? Your wan has non public ips.

  • So would that be all there is to it just uncheck block private subnets.

  • All right! :D Up and running. Thank you for all of your help it is very much appreciated.

  • Ok I have a new problem and I'm assuming a VLAN would be the way to go about what I need to accomplish, however I am uncertain as to how I set it up.

                  LAN(wired)                    LAN(wired)                                            WAN(wireless)                LAN(wireless)                                          WAN(wired)

    I'd like to be able to transfer files to and from my desktop as well as printing from my laptop to the printer attached to my desktop. I also want to keep this connection seperated from my internet.

  • you need a VLAN capable switch. usually quite expensive.

    pfSense will work with the switch, but it cannot setup a VLAN.

    If you have a spare port (OPT) on the firewall, you can try adding your desktop to that. You then have to set up rules that allow printing from the LAN to the OPT

  • Well just thought I would do some looking around and it turns out my linksys is vlan capable(or at least a VLAN-trunking capable switch which I am kind of hoping is the same thing). So does this change my scenario?

  • Is this not possible or perhaps there is a better solution? ???

  • I would expect that the linksys works in the same way as the pfsense in that it can work WITH a VLAN, but not actually set up a VLAN.

    Read up on VLANs.

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