Accessing a modem on wan side from behind lan

  • so i get a dynamic ip via pppoe but my modem is static set to (or 1.1? idk off hand) but I want to be able to access that ip from behind my lan without having to disconnect the router every time.  The modem is in bridge mode, I just need a way to access the management interface from behind lan.

    What is the best way to do this without unnecessary security risks?

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  • FYI, I'm running 2.0 and the process listed in the wiki didn't work for me (dsl in bridge mode with pfsense doing the pppoe). I could ping the modem ( from the pfsense box, but nothing else on the LAN could. What I did was add the OPT interface, set its IP to, and instead of leaving the gateway blank, added a gateway that points to itself ( I then added a route to the subnet with the OPT int as the gateway. Didn't have to add an outbound NAT entry.

    EDIT: I did need to add a NAT entry for it to work right.

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