Feature Request: Add host to lockout table from firewall view.

  • Example: I put a log event to see if anyone is accessing some of my port forwards like RDP but i see this unknown host hammering at it (even though I already put 1 new connection every 30 seconds, 5 connections max from any host, etc), I want to be able to press a button to basically deny all traffic from this single host to my firewall. I can add a block connection but that will just clutter my rules. If the host can be added to lockout table, i don't care if it resets itself after 1 day, or even after a reboot.

  • Rebel Alliance Developer Netgate

    The easy rule block on 2.0 (The light red "x" with a + over it) adds the bad host to an alias, so it doesn't clutter your rules. There is just one rule which references an alias of blocked hosts.

    Adding a different type of block would only be confusing, and the fact that the lockout table is temporary may just add confusion.

  • Didn't even knew that existed. Thanks! Will serve its purpose!

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