Beta5-9Fev - MultiWan -> FTP On LAN

  • Hi,

    For 2.0 the status of this feature working or not ? (MultiWan -> FTP On LAN)

    WAN  -> LAN port 21
    OPT1 -> LAN port 21

    Trying acces WAN (connection ->OK  but LIST KO)
    OPT1 not working at all

    FTP Helper not present for 2.0 so no check.

    i trying this day (and night) but without success.
    Note : FTP server on lan is proftpd

    please help me :)

  • I believe the TFTP proxy has replaced the FTP helper. Look in System: Advanced: Firewall and NAT and try turning it on. If I'm not mistaken, you need to use it on the client interfaces, so OPT1 and WAN in your case.

  • TFTP does NOT equal FTP.  ::)

    There is no check box to enable/disable the FTP Helper in PFSense 2.0.  There have been loads and loads of issues with FTP in general, just search this forum.  My general opinion right now is that you shouldn't use PFSense 2.0 if FTP is critical to you.  I was, personally, never able to get an FTP server behind PFSense's NAT to work correctly, so I gave up.  Other people claimed it worked fine.  I think it's largely dependent on the FTP server software.

  • @mastermindpro:

    ight now is that you shouldn't use PFSense 2.0 if FTP is critical to you.

    So that is the solution ?

    For Version 1.2.3 FAQ say ..NO (MultiWan and FTP behind)
    Actually we use shorewall but we have another problem with it :( (not web administrative…)

  • active mode or PASV mode of FTP does not work?

  • Active Mode :

    For test a use FileZilla on WindowsXP without firewall

    FileZilla Log :

    257 "/" is current directory.
    PORT 192,168,7,32,192,152
    200 Port command successful
    TYPE A
    200 Type set to A
    150 Opening data channel for directory list.
    425 Can't open data connection.

    EDIT : PASV mode work ONLY on WAN access (not OPT)

  • IMHO,

    Maybe this is related to a paid support ticket I opened "ZHJ-412282: FTP behind NAT only works in passive" I know for sure 2.0-BETA5: Wed Feb 9 01:34:47 EST 2011 has not fixed the issue yet.

    • Jon

  • Hi jon,

    I don't have paid support,  but i don't understand ths problem, with linux, shorewall, and ip_conntrack_ftp (kernel module) all workiing "out of the box".

    Sorry for pfsense team i think it's not your fault but kernel freebsd problem.?

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