Route to WAN Interface Subnet

  • Let me start off by saying I have a goofy seutp right now.  It is just for testing purposes.

    We have to internet connections.  My two WAN interfaces using our two routers as their gateways.  Setup wan failover and balancing no problem.  Works Great!

    Here is my issue.  My two WAN interfaces are on the inside of the routers and I need to be able to access other machines on these subnets.  I can not ping any devices on the WAN subnet.  I can access devices on the OPT1 (second wan link) interface.  Under the static IP settings of the interfaces, I have them set to /24 which allowed me to add the gateways which are on the same subnet.  Is routing to the WAN subnet blocked by default?  I only have one firewall rule for each of the WAN interfaces to allow all traffic for now until I can get this issue resolved.  Did not help obviously.  Like I said before, internet is working great and the WAN balancing is working great as well.  I am just stumped as to how I will be able to access other machines on the same subnets as my wan interfaces.

    If I need to clarify anything, let me know.

    Thanks in advance.

  • Forgot to add that I am on the latest beta build as of the time of this post.

  • you need to make sure you're not policy routing outbound traffic to those subnets, gateway must be default. Matching a rule with another gateway specified forces traffic to that gateway.

  • Right now i have my load balancing group as the gateway.  You are saying I should set the default gateway to "default" in my firewall rules?  When I had it like that, it was prioritizing internet traffic to go out the WAN port.

    Maybe I need a little more clarification on the first part of your response regarding policy routing.  Do you maybe have an example rule I could follow?

    Thanks again.

  • Add a rule above the load balancing one for source any (or restricted as desired), destination WAN subnet, gateway default.

  • That worked great!

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