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  • Simple site to site vpn

    Hi, I have a simple site to site vpn (IPSEC). My pfsense (1.23) configuration:

    1-Wan (VPN)

    Vpn is running on Wan and  I  want only the vpn on this interface.
    I want all others traffics on opt1 interface
    I'd like  to know if I can use this in the my first firewall rule :
    Interface = Lan
    Source = Lan Net
    Proto = any
    destination = any
    proto = any
    gateway = opt1 gateway

    Is this right, all traffic will go to the opt1 ? Do I need more rules?
    How vpn is on wan, do I need some rule or all traffic will be redirect to wan interface?

  • change destination to !

  • Thank you !
    As I had not thought of that!
    Is it necessary to create a 2nd rule

    Source = Lan Net
    destination = remote Lan
    gateway = Wan gateway


    How ipsec is running on wan, all packages sent to remote lan always will be redirected to wan?

  • IPSEC being set up will handle the routing properly between the two protected subnets.

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