How to set the limited bandwidth for client ?

  • Hi All
    Could you please tell me how to set the Pfsense for limited to bandwidth per user. In my office, I has a problem with some user they user the Internet download (IDM & flashget etc.) for download file by HTTP. It's possible to limit bandwidth for them? If Pfsense able to do please suggest me (Step by Step PLEASE) how to set and which module for do this thing.

    Thank you

  • Rebel Alliance Developer Netgate

  • In firewall/traffic shaper /limiter section in ur web-guy create 2 pipe with the speed u need to limit. in mask field use "destination" for both pipe.

    now in firewall/rules/lan section create a rule with following

    interface ------lan
    protocol-------any(to shape all kinds of traffic)
    source-------------(single host or alias)  ip address u want to shape

    now in advance features ------in/out tab click on "advance" & select 1 pipe for in field & other for out. dont use same pipe for both.

    now save & apply change.

    now in firewall/rules page put this rule to above the default rule. done for 1 ip.

    you may confused about the mask of pipes as they are both destination. dont worry they will work.