• If you scroll down any page and need to click a submenu (like at the squid-page, or want to enter something in a field which is near by the top-menu, you will encounter a dead space which is nearly 1-2cm in hight, straight below the top-menu.
    So you have to scroll down a bit to get your input-field or whatever below that dead space. Normally that space is covered by the name of the corresponding page, but thats bad if you have scrolled.

    Here a pic of what i mean:
    The dead space is marked blue.

  • Rebel Alliance Developer Netgate

    It's normal with that theme, if you look close you'll notice that the "dead space" extends over from the bottom of the logo on the left, where the "faded" part stops.

    I'm not sure anything can effectively be done to fix that and keep the logo looking that way.