Upgrading to 60 meg internet package

  • Guys I'm getting ready to upgrade to a 60/5 internet package here at home I'm going to be getting rid of my Linksys WRT54GL running DDWRT and moving to a Pfsense setup. I want to install Pfsense on the below hardware.

    P3 750
    600 megs of ram
    2 Intel Pro 100 S Nics
    1 Intel Pro 1000 MT Nic

    Do you think this will be enough for my setup

  • Linked off the pfSense home page is a hardware sizing guide:

    21-50 Mbps - No less than 500 MHz CPU
    51-200 Mbps - No less than 1.0 GHz CPU

    As you fall right at the low end of the higher range I'd say you're probably going to be ok, though the P3 is a bit old and may limit you. You certainly won't have the headroom for running anything like a VPN or some packages (particularly snort).

  • I would like to run 1 ipsec tunnel back to work and use openvpn for remote access also

  • Then you either need a more powerful CPU or to accept that you'll not be able to achieve anything like the 60 Mb/s if you use IPsec or OpenVPN.

  • That'll easily max out your connection with normal Internet traffic. It will probably not be able to completely fill that pipe with VPN traffic terminated on the firewall, though it will get more than half your connection speed at least, maybe 35-40/5. Probably adequate unless you're in a scenario where you can actually get and need to get 60/5 over the VPN.

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