Dual Wan - Only policy based routing - No loadbalancing issue.

  • Hi,
    I've this configuration:

    WAN:  Static IP ( ppoe type connection )
    Opt1: Static IP ( fiber connection )

    I've some nat/firewall rules to make inbound traffic from WAN / Opt1 to reach specific pc/ip to the lan.
    Everything run smooth until WAN link goes down: in this state ALL packet are discarded even if they are directed to the public ip associated to Opt1.
    I don't know how to solve this issue.  :(

  • Your DNS is most likely failing.  Make sure static routes exist to force the DNS server of each ISP out the correct pipe.  Search the forum for more info.

  • It's not a dns issue.
    From outside if I try to telnet to the public ip associated to Opt1 every port seems to be closed.
    If the Wan link goes up the telnet try is succesful and "magically" the port on Opt1 is now opened.

    Seems really strange uh ?  ;D

  • Then the traffic that you think is going out wan #2 is really going out wan #1.  I would check the logs on the server in question and ensure its coming from the IP address that you think it is.  Also add logging to the pass rule in question and ensure that the traffic really is hitting the correct rule.

  • I've logged a "pass" rule binded to Opt1.
    As soon as Wan goes up I'll paste the logs here ( I've the problem right now and I can't access the router from the outside)..thanks for now  ;)

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