Setting up traffic shaping in 2.0BETA5

  • I've tried using the single-wan multi-lan wizard to give out VoIP a fighting chance with the rest of our network traffic but every time I run through the wizard and enable it I loose my ability to browse the web.  I'm thinking it is because we also run squid transparently on the same box but I haven't the foggiest idea how to make it work :)  All I want is to allocate a 100-200kbps to the VoIP at all times…


    Jason Stahls

  • Another try has shown it doesn't appear to be the transparent proxy, I can't lookup any DNS names from the LAN.  If I change the DNS server I use from the pfSense box to my ISP it still times out looking it up.  I don't see any queue drops either.

  • Hi,

    Did you change the priority of DNS in the wizard? I noticed (months ago, also with 2.0) that DNS request from my pfsense box to external NS servers does not work if I set the priority of DNS to high in the wizard. Never got an answer why this happened?

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