New pfSense project going network platform to open source (Is this possible??)

  • I first want to congratulate you for this wonderful forum and apologize for my terrible English. My name is Carlos Camacho im from Madrid - Spain and im the network administrator of my company.

    Im going (I truly believe this) to migrate all my services and network platform to open source and i want to know if pfSense can do a bunch of stuff that i want to do (I think with 0.99999 probabilities that it can be donde with pfSense, but i want to ask first, before hitting with a wall… :P).

    I know that 1 good image can say more than 1000 word... So i attach a jpg with my architecture.

    I want a pfSense that can do:

    • Route the traffic between my 4 networks and internet. (Easy)

    • DCHP server for 4 networks. (Dont know if can be done with pfSense or i need additional box)

    • Shape the bandwidth for each network. For example each network must have a max of 4Mbps and a min of 1Mbps.

    • The traffic of the network 1 must go to Internet thru the ADSL 1

    • The traffic of the network 2, 3 and 4 must go to Internet with a WAN balancer thru the ADSL 2, 3 and 4.

    • The inbound traffic of the ADSL1 to the certified static IP, must go to one of my servers e.g.

    • The inbound traffic of the ADSL3 to the certified static IP, must go to one of my servers e.g.

    This last to items are because i have only 2 static ips and 2 servers in the network

    All this using VLANS as is showed in the attached picture. This is because i only have this hardware.

    ![Arquitectura load balancer.png](/public/imported_attachments/1/Arquitectura load balancer.png)
    ![Arquitectura load balancer.png_thumb](/public/imported_attachments/1/Arquitectura load balancer.png_thumb)

  • The only question I'm unsure is the traffic shaping, everything else is very easily accomplished with pfsense.


  • Well, i will try without the traffic shaping features, when i do this i will post the solution, another thing there is the possibility for example of installing pfsense.. and then create a bootable cd that contains my preconfigured pfsense install??