Parallel Line IP (PLIP) configuration

  • This didn't seem to fit in another category, so i'm sorry if this is the wrong place for this question.

    I've got two pfsense machines (their LAN/WAN configurations are irrelevant) basically they are both connected via Parallel Line IP (using obviously their parallel ports) all is working after i manually execute the commands to setup the point-to-point interfaces on both machines however they don't stay after a reboot because they are not configured in a static configuration file.

    Is there an appropriate place i can place my manually executed command so that it will run during the boot/init process so that my plip0 p2p links will be active right when the pfsense bell chimes?

    my first thought was /conf/config.xml but since setting up the p2p interfaces is a little different then setting up a normal interface i don't think i can trick the file into running the commands i want without altering the init scripts that process the config file (which i would prefer to do only as a last resort)

    Edit: Oh and both boxes are running 1.2.3-RC1 in case that is relevant

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    Install the shellcmd package, then you can execute whatever you want at bootup.

    Two things though:

    1. plip, eew.

    2. Upgrade to 1.2.3-RELEASE.


  • haha thanks, unfortunately i don't have enough from for additional NICs (yet) and i was using plip to test some stuff in order to get approval for a hardware upgrade

    I'll try upgrading the backup box to the release and see if its still capable of doing what we're currently doing with the RC version

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