Weird Performance Issues

  • I installed PFSense on a server with a dual-core processor, 512MB Ram and 3 Ethernet adapters.

    1 is an onboard Intel 10/100/1000 Nic
    The Other two are part of and Intel Pro Dual server Nic 100/1000

    My issue is I cannot get transfer rates to outside of the pfsense router faster than 1MB sec or around 9Mbits/sec. I can transfer files within the same subnet with no problems.

    I have 4 other routers all running LEAF and the clients between them can transfer files betweent 75-100Mbits/sec.

    Are there possibly issues with the network adapters im using, or support for them? I am not using traffic shaping of any sort either.



  • There has been someone here in the forum who had a similiar issue and it was the nics sharing the same IRQ iirc. Can you verify that each nic has a unique IRQ and if not try to solve this by swapping around slots or doing some bios configuration? Disable everything that eats ressources that is not needed to run pfSense if you have IRQ troubles.

  • I will attempt this now. Thank you for the quick reply


  • Still no luck. I have swapped the card slots, switched cards, removed cards, same thing. I get 9Mbits flat. Would you have any other suggestions?

  • I think I might have figured this out and its not a pFsense issue.

    For some reason, my Intel NICS are having a dispute of some sort with both my C1711 and cisco 2600. If I plug into either, I get only 9Mbits. However, I uplinked into a switch that is served by one of the LEAF routers and Poof… 94Mbits.

    If I can get 94Mbits thru the WAN on the pFsense to the subnet im trying to reach thru another router, then it is definetly not a software issue.

    Now, to figure out what the heck is going on.



  • Maybe autonegotiatio problems and speed and duplex mismatches. Check out status>interfaces for the reported speed and duplex. Maybe links are only coming up with 10 mbit/s.

  • We had the same type of issue on our Cisco 2600 when connecting our fiber wan. We ended up setting each port that connected to the fiber to 100mb/full and that fixed all our problems. I would suggest setting the port on the cisco and not let the switch to auto determine the speed.

  • Both Nortel and Cisco can be quite picky about autonegotiation and fall back to something in the order of 100mbit half duplex.

    Note I have a C2610 at work and it only has a 10Mbit port!
    You may fare better with the C1711.

    Good Luck

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