• hi, first that nothing i want to apologize for my english, but i hope you all can understand me and can help me…
    well, i'm going to try to explain my situation and problem, i have two adsl connections, until 3 weeks ago i've been using pfsense 1.2.3, i've configured load balance and failover, plus squid and squidguard, everything works fine till this point, but when i try to implement traffic shaper, specifically l7 fillter, i realized that pfsense 1.2.3 does not have multiwan traffic shaper support, for that reason i install pfsense 2.0 beta 5, but when i went to the load balancer option in the services menu, i see that everything changed, i already read a few topics en the forum, but i still don't understand how to configure load balance now, i read that now there is inbound and outbound load balancing,
    and i understand than inbound is when traffic is shared to more that one server in my lan, and outbound is when i shared the traffic of my lan between more that one wan, is this right??? i want to configure load balance for outbound traffic, how can i do it??? can anyone explain me in easy words, please??  and finally, i have a question, ¿pfsense 2.0 beta 5 is working well with multiwan plus squid and traffic shaper???i already read the well known issues, and according with that, there is no problems, but i want to be sure....... thank you very much for all the help you can give me, and have a good day

  • Hi spark,

    for using Load Balancing/Multi-WAN in pfsense2.0 you need to assign your WANs to a Group. This you can do under "SYSTEM -> ROUTING -> GROUPS"
    There you can add the interfaces you wnat into one Group.
    If interfaaces have the same TIER, they do Load Balancing.
    If WAN1 has TIER1 and WAN2 has TIER2 this means, that there is a failover from WAN1 to WAN2 if WAN1 is down. So you do not need to enter severeal froups for Load Balancing and Failover, just do this with "TIER".
    Of course, if both WAN have TIER1 an one WAN goes down, there will be a failover, too.

    To activate Multi-WAN for a connection, you have to put the Group as the gateway in the firewall rules.

    SQUID and Multi-WAN isn't working properly at the moment I think. There is a thread where they discuss about how to make it work but I am not sure if it works now.

  • thanks for your help Nachtfalke; today i configure the outbound load balancing and squidguard, both work pretty well, and after that i try to implement traffic shaper, i use the "single lan / multiple wan" wizard, but when i test it, it don't work, with the traffic shaper i want to block peer to peer and messenger aplications, or at least put a limit of bandwidth, anyone can help me to configure the traffic shaper please

  • You might want to open a new topic and start with config of your queues/rules and networks involved, and describe better what you are trying to do: block stuff, no shaper needed; or shape them.