Traffic from lan to lan not working …

  • Hello, i have some trouble setting my pfsense 2.0 to access another lan

    right now my setup is 2 wan 2 lan.

    secondary wan is only used when primary fail.
    both lan are on different physical interface.

    first lan is and secondary is

    I am not able to access the 7.0 lan from the 5.0, but i can access it from wan with port forwarding.

    i don't know what i'm missing. I even tried to setup a gateway pointing this subnet.

  • you need create a rule on first interrface

    proto any source FIRST LAN Subnet  - Destination  SECOND LAN Subnet

  • Further check you Subnet bits. Is it really /28 ? would mean:
    Host-Adresses: -

    A possible subnetmask could be /24 which means
    Host-Adresses: -

    If there is NO rule in the firewall rule TABs of your LAN1 and LAN2 then there is default "block all".
    So like Notanial said above, you need to enter a rule on the LAN TABs to allow access.
    But if you do a rule like Notanial said, there is ONLY access from one LAN to the other, but not to the internet.

    proto: any
    source: LAN-A Subnet
    destination: LAN-B Subnet
    To allow access from LAN-A to LAN-B

    And to allow access from LAN-A to the internet:
    proto: any
    source: LAN-A subnet
    destination: any
    (Gateway: WAN1 or WAN2 oder Gateway Group if you created one)

    If you like full access from LAN-A to LAN-B AND to the internet, then you could only use the second rule.

  • /28 is .0 for the subnet, and .16 for the broadcast :)

    i already done both example, i probably have something somewhere blocking the lan. i will try a fresh install and check if its working.
    i'm sure it' obvious :)


  • @singerie:

    /28 is .0 for the subnet, and .16 for the broadcast :)


    Of course, you are right ;-)

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