MAC address based outbound route thru VPN tunnel.

  • Dear Gurus.

    I have the following scenario, and I'm looking for your opinion.

    Its been a while since i used PFsense, and i have fond memories of it.

    I need the router to identify a device per MAC address, and have its traffic go thru a VPN server.

    We have two dynamic ADSL providers (outside USA), and also have a VPS server running a VPN server (in colocation in the USA), this server has to be used as the "internet out" way for several devices. This devices require a US based IP to work with our service provider, this is why we route them this way.

    So why I need is…  Have the router balance the WANs as usuall, have a VPN tunnel, to the VPS in USA on pfsense.  When it detects outgoing traffic from a particular MAC address, send its traffic via the VPN, and not directly to the internet.
    The rest of the LAN traffic goes out to the internet immediately

    Right now,  this devices are laptops on my lan, so i had a vpn client software connect to the VPN first.. then run the software that requires the US IP, but they are moving to devices that cannot run VPN software. :(    I asked the provider but they said to tunnelize my whole LAN… :S but that would slow it down, and I have to pay for bandwidth on the VPS server.

    Can it be done?
    Ideas are welcomed too.

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