Help pfsense2.0-beta setting PPPOE Server

  • VPN: PPPoE

    PPPoE server configuration
     	 Enable PPPoE server
    Interface	 opt1
    Subnet netmask	 24                #Hint: 24 is
    No. PPPoE users	 20                #Hint: 10 is ten PPPoE clients
    Server address               #Enter the IP address the PPPoE server should use on its side for all clients.
    Remote address range     #Specify the starting address for the client IP address subnet.
    Description  	 test
    DNS servers	 

    Firewall: Rules   –--->pppoe server
    pass this rules

     ID	 Proto	Source	Port   	Destination	     Port	Gateway	Queue	Schedule	Description	
             TCP	    PPPoE clients	 *	 *	 *	 WANGW	 none	  	   	

    pppoe dial success, but

    ping  timeout , don't access internet , why?

    help me , thanks

  • I found i had to set the firewall rules on the lan to allow pppoe clients .
    May work

  • set the firewall rules on the lan –--> no use

    i see" filter logs" ,found

    block in on  poes10: > ...................

    but firewall rules should how to set ?????

    this is bug  ?

  • Rebel Alliance Developer Netgate

    Known issue:

    Still needs some work.

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