Multi WAN - Port Forwarding

  • Hi
 (dynamic IP)(WAN1)(default gateway)-----------
                                                                               (pfsense)----- (VPN Gate)----- Clients, surfing, mailing, etc)
                                                                                      /                                  (static IP)(WAN2)-------------------------------                                         

    As you see my Setup has 2 WAN Connections. All traffic from the Clients in will be routed through WAN1, this is ok.

    My VPN access should be handled by WAN2 because of the static IP. So I setup port forwarding from WAN2:VPNPort to This is ok, wenn WAN2 is the default Gateway. If I change the default Gateway the incoming VPN Traffic from WAN2 goes to VPN Gate and the responses goes through the default Gateway WAN1… So I never get a connection.

    How can I setup pfsense to do this right?


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