U-Verse receiver not working with pfsense

  • Hi all,

    I got a pretty lame problem.

    I now live with someone else that has ATT (yeh I feel sorry for myself too, I need my cable connection) anyways, I ran an ethernet wire to my room from the room that has the ATT gateway and DMZ'd the connection to my Pfsense box. Since I don't have control of the rest of the tv's and computers in the house I just leave it alone (It runs all the tvs etc). Now that I have my room strait, I got my computers and AP's etc on a switch and all in my room. But my Uverse box works for like 10 seconds and dies :( My little tv box works on regular ethernet dhcp :( but its being a ho since ive had pfsense.

    Please help me. Im a needy little peon.

  • I worked on a friend's 2wire box with pfsense. It took some time to get it working but what we did was we reset the 2wire, put it in DMZ-plus mode and then never touched it again.
    On pfsense you will need to bypass the local dns servers to the ones you specify.
    Other than that we didn't run into any problems like you describe.

  • Ive assigned my uverse tv receiver to a static IP. Even set firewall rules for WAN and LAN for this ip and I still cannot get my tv receiver to broadcast a channel for more than 10 seconds. I really dont see anything in the firewall/DHCP logs either.

    Basically the way my roomates house is setup, they have all there TV's etc working, I have a single ethernet wire coming from the At&t Uverse modem/router DMZ'ed so that I don't mess with anything they got going on, connected to my Pfsesnse box that is connected to a network switch running my PC, and my U-Verse TV receiver.

    Any ideas?

  • It is not clear to me why this is even in the DHCP/DNS topic. What does this have to do with DHCP?

  • @wallabybob:

    It is not clear to me why this is even in the DHCP/DNS topic. What does this have to do with DHCP?

    Please let me know where else my topic needs to be?

  • Due to limited time availability I read only a few of the pfSense forums: those who topics most interest me.

    If you had posted this in IPSEC (for example) I would not have seen it. Part of the challenge in posting a topic is to post it in a forum that is most likely to have readers who can make informed replies. I suspect there might be more readers with experience of the Uverse in a forum like General than in DHCP/DNS

    On the other hand, you might have good reason to think that your problem is related to DHCP or DNS. Unfortunately nothing you have written in this topic would lead me to think the problem is related to either DHCP or DNS. Maybe there is some information you haven't provided.

  • I just read an update to http://forum.pfsense.org/index.php/topic,30749 which makes it seem to have at least a superficial resemblance to your problem.  (TV receiver works for 10 seconds then stops.)

  • I think you just need to allow multicast traffic to pass…. Me, I just leave the TV boxes connected direct to the 2wire box...