Is pfSense 2.0 blocking without log - I beleve so

  • Hi..

    I'm struggling with this issue "" and according to jimp this is not an issue but I believe different.

    I haven't added a single block rule and still are traffic from OpenVPN blocked without any notice to LAN interface. If I add a rule on OpenVPN that allow any from any to any then it all works. I think that's a proof that traffic is being blocked without any log.

    And yes! I have enabled logging in Status / System logs / Settings

    I think it may have something to do with this  bold part of comment

    Log packets blocked by the default rule
    Hint: packets that are blocked by the implicit default block rule will not be logged anymore if you uncheck this option. Per-rule logging options are not affected.

    Is it so that new interfaces has default block without any log?

    // rancor

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