Services -> loadbalancer for smtp issues

  • First off, i'm running pfsense 2.0-rc1

    WAN (wan)                -> bge0      ->
      LAN (lan)                -> bge1      -> NONE
      OPT1 (opt1)              -> em0        -> (crossover to secondary fw)

    I'm running pfsense inline(i think that's the right term) and was wondering if it were possible to set up a load balancer between 83.252 and other ips on the same 83.0/24 subnet when only assigning an address to the wan.

    The network has 7 class C's in total, and no "internal lan" as they are all accessable via the net, pfsense is mostly used in conjunction with snort as an IDS(recently upgraded from obsd 4.1) but i'd like to use it for load balancing our mail servers as well.

    I'm getting TCP SYN_CLOSED when i attempt to connect to the loadbalancer listener

    results of pfctl -s state
    all tcp <- <- OFF-NETWORK-IP:34112      CLOSED:SYN_SENT
    all tcp OFF-NETWORK-IP:34112 ->      SYN_SENT:CLOSED

    83.181 is the smtp server.
    OFF-NETWORK-IP is a remote server connecting to wanip/load balancer listener

    Feb 15 11:12:40 fw05 relayd[2593]: host, check icmp (0ms), state unknown -> up, availability 100.00%
    Feb 15 11:12:50 fw05 relayd[2454]: table smtp: 1 added, 0 deleted, 0 changed, 0 killed

    log updates
    table <smtp>{ retry 2 }
    redirect "smtp" {
      listen on port 25
      forward to <smtp>port 25 check icmp timeout 1000

    I may be completely off base here as i'm primarily the solaris/nix admin and web developer, my network-fu is somewhat minimal.
    Any information, or a blatant "you have no clue what you're doing/it will not work" would be greatly appreciated.</smtp></smtp>

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