Kernel Panic After Upgrading to Feb 14 and Feb 15 Builds

  • I was running the Jan 3 build but experienced random issues routing to one interface so I upgraded to the Feb 14 build that was labeled as RC1.  Last night the unit locked up, and since I was home with no physical access to it I power cycled via PDU.  This morning the same lockup occurred but I was close enough to get a screenshot:

    Once it was back online I upgraded to the Feb 15 build but the same thing happened an hour later (can't recall the exact timing).  Gone back to the Jan 31 build, and other than the same random routing issue (which also requires a reboot to fix) I haven't seen the panic and lockup for ~5 hours now.

    Weird thing - I am running CARP with two units, and this morning when the primary panicked and locked up, the slave took over, but within about 10 minutes it also panicked and locked up - I assume it was the same issue, but I immediately rebooted to get the network back up and wasn't able to look at the console screen.  The only other references to the Fatal trap 12 I can find are from early January…

    Edit:  Sorry, i386 full install.

  • Hi archerman

    have a look at,33403.0.html and tell me if this does not solve the problem…

    Kind regards

  • Hey Aubrey, changing my mtu's didn't fix anything.  In fact it caused a panic on both boxes when trying to apply the changes.  I don't think I will try that again.

  • Rebel Alliance Developer Netgate

    If you still get this on the most current snapshot, we'll need some more detail about your system. Most notably what kind of traffic you have flowing through your router, and/or what kind of setup you have.

    FTP? PPTP (server and/or client)? CARP? pfsync? failover? VLANs?

  • So far so good on today's snapshot.  I will update if anything happens with all of my config info.

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