• I am running a couple of Supermicro Servers with Atom Processors one is a D510 2 GB RAM (i386 builds) the other is a D525 4GB RAM (amd64 builds) Both have dual onboard Intel Gigabit NICs using the EM driver.  This issue has been ongoing since the builds around mid January. I initially thought it was related to the kernel panics, but now i do not think so. They have been running in my lab for a few weeks now and were in production for several months until I updated one in mid Jan. Both boxes will boot and run fine for about 20 minutes then stop passing any traffic.  The console is fine and I can typically make an initial connection to the web configurator, but then no more traffic will pass across the NIC.

    The internet connection is a static T1 and I cannot ping from the console once it happens.

    The issue continues as of the Feb 16 build.  Is it the EM driver?

  • can you please show netstat -m output?

  • Hi Kevin

    Please have a look at:

    I had a similar problem on the same MB.  Hopefully this will assist you getting your traffic flowing…

    Kind regards

  • Here you go.  The ping had been running about 30 seconds when the picture was taken.

  • Looks like the mbuf clusters.  What does that mean?  The system is currently connected to a 10/100 unmanaged switch (did it on a gig switch also) with 2 VoIP phones and 1 laptop.