1 to 1 nat issues

  • I have been using m0n0 as a firewall and I am trying to move my firewall rules and 1 to 1 nat over to pfsense.  I assume this is just me being unfamilliar with this product.  I created a 1:1 nat rule to an alternate static IP just like in my m0n0.  Then I created wan firewall rules to allow traffic through.  I seem to be missing something because no traffic is passing nor do I see anything in the firewall log.

    My wan ip ends in 214.  Ignore the laptop entry.


  • You need to add a virtual IP first before you can NAT them. Go to firewall>Virtual IP and add the additional IP there. ProxyARP is what m0n0 uses for additional IPs so I guess you have used that there. In case you dodn't use ProxyARP virtual IP type "other" should work.

  • Perfect…thanks!

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