Site to Site VPN Priority

  • I have a situation where I have a site to site VPN from my main site to two remote sites.  The two remote sites just got connectivity to each other (wireless point to point) as they are close together with line of site.  Lucky for me both remote sites still have their own internet connection and have it with different ISP's.    I want to open the scope of the Remote end of the VPN tunnel to include the subnets for both remote sites on both vpn tunnels.  This would allow me to continue to access one site thru the other if one sites ISP were to fail.  Is there a way in PFSense to prioritize which tunnel i want to use? How does it handle the overlap in remote subnet?  I belive in "cisco" the following handles this preference:
    crypto map External_map 1 match address Remotesite1
    crypto map External_map 2 match address Remotesite2

    In the above example if remotesite1 and remotesite2 contained the same subnets or a set of overlapping subnets the connection to External_map 1 would be preferred?  I don't see any "priority" in the PFSense ipsec setup page so I'm not sure how this would work or if its possible?

  • Rebel Alliance Developer Netgate

    That won't work with normal routing. It doesn't handle that situation.

    However you might be able to make it work if you run a routing protocol like OSPF on each node.

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