• Trying to run a sip server behind pfsense. Tried port forwarding but it just won't work since the sip replies to external clients reference the internal IP address of the sip server.

    Thought about running a proxy but the siproxd package looks like it was designed for the opposite situation, a bunch of clients behind the firewall trying to get out.  Not sure if siproxd can be configured the other way around. Anyone have experience getting something like this to work?

  • Rebel Alliance Developer Netgate

    In your case, there is probably a server directive for the pbx config to supply a "NAT IP" that will really be your WAN IP, so that the SIP headers go out correctly.

    You shouldn't need siproxd.

  • I wish there was but it's an avaya ipoffice system and there is no way to set the wan ip in the sip headers.  Thats why I thought of using a proxy to fix the headers.

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