Basic traffic shape config

  • Hey all, I know this is a basic question but I can't seem to figure out how to do this. I am using pfsense v1.23 and I want a very simple QoS policy that will allow my one torrent machine to fully utilize my internet when there is no other activity on the pipe. Once any other traffic is detected I want the machine to get the lowest priority. I don't want to filter based on ports or L7 inspection, I just want the entire machine to take a back seat to anything else. Is there a way I can do this based on IP or MAC? Don't want a complex QoS scheme, just one entry that treats all traffic the same except for traffic coming from one machine. I don't want to rate limit that traffic to only use a percentage of my b/w either.


  • You need to run the wizzard and do not choose any thing till you get to the section on P2P
    And in there add a host and choose the otions

    Once you come out of the wizard, customize to your hearts content. The defaults are "basic"
    lan defaults wan defaults and ACK queues. if you set you maximum internet speed for upload and download.

    Setting your up and down speeds auto shapes the default queues to those values.

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