Scheduled Backup to USB Flash Drive, remote file server, and e-mail…

  • I don't currently see any way to do this, but there should be a way to automate the backup of the config (selectable to be certain parts, or the whole config) to a USB Flash Drive.  Additionally, that would allow the auto deletion after more than x backups were taken.

    Should also offer the ability to send to a remote fileserver (SMB, NFS, etc.).

    Finally, should allow auto emailing of config to configured address.

    Just some thoughts, as we're looking to move from Endian when this is GA.  Things I'd miss.

    Thanks so much.

  • It would be trivial to do the first with a simple cron job.  Mind you, I believe you should be able to send it via email as well via a cron job with 2.0 as well.  All you need is the config.xml so it wouldn't be any more complicated than that.

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    Just remember, before you go trying to send the config off various places, that it may contain sensitive information so sending it via a cleartext protocol like smtp to an outside source would not be recommended.

    There are some other suggestions on the doc wiki for various ways to push/pull it via http and scp. There are plenty of ways to do it securely, I wouldn't consider e-mail as an option.

    And there is always the AutoConfigBackup package if you are a support customer.