Any form of web and SMTP proxy?

  • We're looking to move from Endian once PF is ready to rock on 2.0, as its clearly a better system.  ;)

    However, I'll miss having the web proxy and SMTP proxy/relay.  The one on Endian allows us to set up outbound internet access rules for people based on their login info to the web proxy.  Additionally, it acts as a virus scanner for content coming in from websites.

    THe SMTP proxy acts as a pretty decent spam filter (with learning capability) and a virus scanner for e-mail content.

    I didn't see anything obvious as I browsed the config pages.  Is there anything like this in there (or coming)?

    Thanks.  Love what I'm seeing so far.

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    squid proxy is part of the packages - thats your web proxy.  Can add squidguard package for easy content filtering.  And there is also the HAVP antivirus package, can work with squid or on its own that uses clam for antivirus scanning of your web traffic.

    Not sure of any sort of spam filter, etc.

  • There is the OpenBSD SpamD greylisting daemon, which isn't the end-all, be-all, but it does a great job of stemming the flow but would want to use it in conjunction with a more comprehensive system.

    Honestly though, I'd go with a commercial solution like MessageLabs because most of the open source solutions just aren't able to keep up.

  • The best solution for AntiSPAM at the moment is the Cisco/IronPort C Series…Nothing gets even close...

  • I can live w/o the SMTP if necessary, but I'm curious - Squid's part of it (as in, already loaded)?  If so, how do I access that admin, as I really didn't see anything obvious to me within the existing interface of 2.0.


  • No, squid and squidGuard are add-on packages available through the packages menu.  Keep in mind that they are not developed by the pfSense developers themselves (usually) and may be in differing states of development or functionality.  Before putting any package into production it will be a very good idea to test it heavily.  Check the packages forum for more information on which packages work well.

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