Avahi / Bonjour & IPsec between 2 pFsense 2.0 Routers?

  • Does anyone know if Avahi works over a IPsec tunnel?  The tunnel works fine as I can ping IP's and manually connect via the correct ip addresses to remote resources… however I need the machine names to broadcast naturally so the show up in the shared section of the mac finder.  That way the user can just use the normal OSX interface to connect to other machines rather than having to type AFS, SMB, VNC strings with IP's in their web browsers.

    Avahi solves this issue but I am not sure if it works on IPsec... can anyone verify?


  • Rebel Alliance Developer Netgate

    I've never seen it work over IPsec. OpenVPN Shared Key tunnels, sure, but not IPsec.

  • There is an article on heise.de describing the howto bonjour over VPN, but i found it only in german… http://www.heise.de/netze/artikel/Bonjour-fuer-das-VPN-997853.html. You can alternatively look at WAB=wide area bonjour. Hope that helps you. Good luck!

  • jimp… yeah.. thats what I figured... I will have to switch to OpenVPN and test from what I read it works great.

    Would you happen to have link or document that helps one configure the latest pfSense 2.0 correctly to tie to pfSense routers together? IPsec was dead easy, however OpenVpn looks a bit more involved... I have your book here but I am thinking that may be out of date for this topic or can I use that to fire it up?

    Thanks for the speedy response on a bank holiday no less!

  • Rebel Alliance Developer Netgate

    Check the doc wiki, I think someone put up a site-to-site openvpn doc a couple weeks ago.