Load balancing avec deux adresses WANs Publics & VPN & TSE

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    Let me thank you for this forum and for your support to keep the image of this famous FIREWALL.

    In fact currently within our company we have a simple architecture with no security, I thought to implement pfSense because it is Open Source. then I'll show you the existing architecture in order to have a rough idea about my need or rather my wishes:). As you can see we have 3 remote sites and a central headquarters and the connection between its sites that it does with an ADSL connection and a server TSE (Terminal Server Edition), by using Remote Desktop and a public IP address of the ISP.

    Currently we have two serious problems is the first incident of cuts at the headquarters of ADSL and the second concern for the safety of our infrastructure. I suggest to install another connection (with a fixed public IP address) from another operator to load balancing and VPN by exploiting the pfSense.

    As I explained the remote users use Remote Desktop (@ ip public) to connect to the server of the company if I implement pfSense how I'm going to do?? !!

    I would be very grateful if you could help me and give me an architecture SECUROS and answer my expectations.

    I count on you.

    Very good day.

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