2.0RC1 i386 full install : "kernel: arpresolve: can't allocate llinfo for …"

  • I have two SMTP relays behind pfSense.
    I get this error VERY repeatedly as soon as I enable WAN load balance for outgoing smtp traffic.
    I need to revert to WAN fail-over for the error to vanish.

  • You have same gateways or gateways that fall in the same subnet by any chance?

  • Hello,

    Nope, they are from two totally different ISPs.
    One is KPN and the other one is Voo (Brutele).

  • Seeing this as well with sticky connections & multi WAN.
    Load balancing with 2 ISPs, the issue only shows up if I enable sticky connections under system>advanced>Misc.
    As soon as I check it and save, that message start filling the log, with both my WAN IP addresses alternating
    in the log message.  Traffic works about 50/50.  First load of a webpage usually fails, retrying it 1 or two times
    gets it to load. 
    Difficult to use load-balancing without this, as sticky connections is essential for secure sites such as banking.

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    wvnet - what snapshot date/time are you using? and i386 or amd64? - Make sure it's the most recent snapshot to rule out issues that have already been fixed.

  • Hi,
    I'm using 2.0b5, Feb 18th build, i386.
    Running on an IBM x345 rack server with 2 built-in Broadcom (em0/1) and 2 Intel Pro/100 NICs.
    I'll update to the latest snap tonight, and test again.
    Working around the issue currently using policy-based routing (works ok…)

  • I confirm that my original symptoms are still reproduced under the latest snapshot (i386)

  • and I also confirm that the issue is not present if the sticky sessions option is disabled !

  • I have the same problems, albeit a bit different, I get this message only for one interface, when I try to put it into the same gateway group and put it on the same level to have loadbalancing.

    Connections trying to use the new interface fail and the connections do not work proberly at all (most of them time out).

    I use VLAN's for my WAN connections. Each ADSL Router has it's own VLAN and Network (a 10.100.<vlan>.0/28 net) where vlans are counting up from 100. So there is no overlaping.

    Another symptom I have is with the failover pfsense box, which when started does not recognize it's Backup and everything is Master, I have to deactivate CARP and activate it again on the Backup-Router to have it become Backup. Then all gateways are offline except the one which is on the interface which gives me the problems described above with llinfo stuff, it stay's online and I get packet loss on both, the primary and the backup box …

    The servers are no-name computers with Intel PRO dual-port server network cards.

    Hope someone can figure out what's going on, i have this since the Beta through 2.0-RC3 (i386) built on August 3rd.