• Hi,

    Any people has some expérience with this JetWay board NF96FL-525-LF


    INTEL® Atom Processor D510 / D525(Dual Core)
    INTEL® Atom Processor  D510 / D525 + ICH8M Chipset
    Front Side Bus 667MHz
    2 * DIMMs Sockets for un-buffered Single Channel DDR2 800/667 SDRAM up to 4 GB
    Expansion Slots

    1 * PCI slot
    1 * MINI PCI-E
    Embedded INTEL ICH8M Chipset
    3 * Serial ATA2 3Gb/s connectors
    1 * Ultra DMA 100 / 66 IDE connector
    Realtek ALC662 6-Channel HD Audio CODEC
    Ethernet LAN
    Realtek RTL8111DL PCI-E Gigabit Ethernet LAN
    Onboard 18-bit single channel LVDS connector
    Embedded 9 * USB 2.0/1.1
    Special Features
    Support ACPI S3
    Support CPU Smart FAN
    Support Watch Dog
    Rear Panel I / O
    5 * USB 2.0/1.1 ports
    1 * PS2/KB Connector
    1 * RJ-45 port
    1 * COM port
    1 * VGA port / 1 * DVI-D port
    1 * E-SATA Port
    1 * 12V DC in
    3 * Audio Phone Jack
    Internal I / O
    2 * USB 2.0/1.1 headers for 4 USB 2.0 ports
    1 * JWDB pin Power connector
    CPU / NB / Chassis Fan connectors;
    1 * 32-pin LVDS headers & 1 * GPIO header & 1 Parallel headers
    1 * COM header ( COM1 for RS-422/485)
    1 * AUDIO header
    Award 8MB DIP Flash ROM
    ATM, Automation, medical Equipment, Security, Networking, POS, General Application, Gaming Machine, Transportation
    Form Factor
    Mini ITX Form Factor(17cmx17cm)



  • JNL,

    I have a JNF96FL-510-LF, it has 4GB of DDR2 667Mhz memory, a Jetway Triple GIGA LAN daughter card (AD3RTLANG) and a 40GB Intel X25-V SSD drive.

    So, that's four Realtek NICs, m0n0wall v1.3, pfSense v.1.2.3 and pfSense v2.0 BETA5 i386 and pfSense v2.0 BETA5 AMD64 recognise the NICs (re0..re3) and all register as Gigabit (whether I will get that or not is another question!).

    The biggest problem I have at the moment is heat, whether I have the daughter card in or not, the CPU hits 70C after about 45-50 minutes and sits there, so, at the moment I have the motherboard sitting on the desk with a 120mm fan blow over the heatsink and it is hovering between 38C-41C., luckily the fan is running at 980RPM-1000RPM, so it's quiet!

    I'm running pfSense v2.0 BETA5 AMD64, with HAVP, Squid and squidGuard running, so I'm not exactly pushing the limits of this little dual core Atom, but the heat issue is a concern!

    There are two issues that I'm still trying to find a solution to; (1) a compatible mini-PCIe card so that I can get WiFi AP mode and (2) the heat issue.


  • Thx for your replies.

    I'm call with to take a good solution for the heat.

    For the Wifi card i look for to Atheros Products like AR9002WB-2NG



  • Hello,

    I start, I buy mini-itx board NF96FL-525-LF of Jetway

    With 4 Gb of memories,

    Jetway's AD3RTLANG 3xGbLAN daugtherboard,

    One silence fan like

    The case 350 like

    An HDD Sata2 like

    And after Pfsense, Snort, OpenVpn, squid & squidguard and UrlBlocker …....

    I thinks is beter like my poor Alix board.



  • For about $20 more you can get Intel Nics

  • Hello,

    I know but i don't know if is it more compatible.


  • Netgate Administrator

    Intel write their own drivers and contribute them to FreeBSD. They are usually better than others.


  • Searching the forums would reveal that I (along with others currently use that item)

  • Hello,

    I'm back. I am surprised by two things:

    • I ordered a connector in London on Tuesday and I have not yet received.  :(
    • I ordered my NF96FL-525-LF in USA California and I received it Monday.   ;D

    Search error.

    Back on this post.

    The package arrived very well packaged and in good working condition.

    I connect the power supply and configure the BIOS, in another the Power On After Fail - Restore last stat

    The best way to install pfSense and create a bootable USB key with a pfSense-LiveCD-2.0-RC1 memstick-i386-20110303-1715.img.gz

    Put the USB key, set the bios and follow the instructions on the site pfSense,7356.0.html

    Use Quick Install for newbie

    And it all

    After restarting in Pfsence the Board, set the Wan and Lan.

    My hardware configuration.

    1 Wan
    1 Lan for network
    1 lan for Wireless
    1 Lan to DMZ

    My configuration sofware

    Snort - Very greedy with all the rules
    Ip-Blocker - Networks blocking 49190 ip's
    Avahi - Network Discovery
    DHCP Server
    Dynamic DNS client
    And more ….

    Heat with this configuration does not exceed 57 °.
    The fan does not really make much noise.

    If you have any questions I am at your disposal.

    Does this option work?
    Should pfSense reboot after activating it?

    **Serial Terminal
    This will enable the first serial port with 9600/8/N/1

    Note: This will redirect the console output and messages to the serial port. You can still access the console menu from the internal video card/keyboard. A null modem serial cable or adapter is required to use the serial console**


    PS:I very happy for the moment and I'll be able to put my Alix in the drawer

  • JNL,

    Just a couple of questions; (1) which fan did you get?  The picture looks like a Noiseblocker?  (2) have you gotten a Wifi card for the mini-PICe slot?

    Good to know the temperature is OK for you.


  • Hello,

    1. This picture is fault. I use only the fan into the box. But i changed the default fan by the Ultra Silent 40mm NoiseBlocker BlackSilent Case Fan
    2. I use outside Wireless. Atheros as an new shipset but i don't see where i can buy it. But i anderstand the Pfsense doesn't support 802.11n.

    Solution Highlights
    Single-chip, 802.11n-certified WLAN solution with PCIe interface
    Support for 3-stream 11n MIMO
    Conserves power with 1x1 downshift using Dynamic MIMO Power Save
    Enables PHY rates of up to 450 Mbps
    Support for Enterprise WLAN features:
    Aggregation of 90-byte packets with AES encryption, no minimum AMPDU start
    4.9 GHz and 5/10 MHz bandwidth channels for 11j
    Fast Channel Switch (1 ms within band and 2 ms across bands)
    Temperature compensation for low power transmission
    8-bit resolution for Spectral Analysis
    Loopback mode for FIPS certification
    TDOA-based distance measurement and locationing



  • There seems to be a dearth of information regarding the popular atom motherboards and the interface bandwidth to the LAN chipset.  What good will 4X 1Gb ports do you if the bus can't handle peak traffic?  I admit that is a worst case, but it is a consideration.

    What is the interface to the Jetway LAN daughtercard?  Where can one get an atom motherboard with x4 PCIe lanes?  Is there such an animal, or is AMD fusion the only option?

  • Hello,

    My Actual config with this board.



  • Sorry for the late reply to this old topic, but I have this board and for the life of me I can't install pfsense.

    If I do boot from usb, it get's stuck at AP CPU #3 Launched!…, I've tried the different boot methods and can't get it to work.  Are there bios settings I need to change specific to this board?  Thanks a bunch and sorry for the noobness.

  • Ok, so I stubbornly wanted to make this work, and did!  SO in case anyone else is struggling with the same board…

    I had to install from a SATA dvd-rom drive, the USB would just not work with this board for some reason.  Once installed, then if you have 4 nics (1 onboard, plus daughterboard w/ 3) then you also need to disable the parallel port on the integrated peripherals setting in the BIOS.

    If you don't, this gives you an irq 7 interrupt broadcast storm error when plugging into re3 (nic 3).  Once I did that, I finally got this to work!

  • Hello,

    I do not spécial action for install Pfsense on this board, I can boot on USB Key for update or to put new version on Pfsense. All Works, USB, SATA, Network.

    All the USB key is not bootable.

    Right for IQ7.

    For other possible problème see,34118.msg176918.html#msg176918



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