Tip For you who are about to use mini-itx board & quad nic!

  • So i began my journey a few dayback with a intel mini-itx board and a good old fashion dlink dfe-570tx Quad nic and a mission to build a firewall

    (first of all some may ofcourse know this and some may even know if its possible to fix but i dont ok pls share in thatcase)

    ok anyway first i had a issue with pfsense and a realtek that was however fixed with running BETA np there

    and belive i banged my head preety hard into the wall a few times during this period so i might contracted some brain inuries =)

    so the nic has 4 ports  dc0 dc1 dc2 dc3 all reconigized in installation np there so i asign dc0 to local lan1 and dc1 to local lan2 no error reports what so ever
    but for som reason i i cant connect to the pfsense box throught the cable this is the part when the head+wall=bang started since i never saw and real error msgs but with a closer look i noticed that for some reason the port dc0 and dc1 got macadress ff:ff:ff:ff:ff:ff wich confused me
    so i started to google around no luck…...:(

    so i left pfsense behind me and installed ipcop  same there it detects all 4 ports correctly but cant connect of give me a ip through dhcp but then i a saw "tulip_stop_rxtx failed" in the logd  and started to google my ass off again first it seemed to be a driver issue with the tulip  but after alot of time and abit sore forehead i tested to install on my other mini-itx board  this one a asus board same shit there :(
    i tested
    pfsense stable & beta
    etc etc.....

    so today a friend came by with his full atx normal pc and just becouse we are geeks we installed the card and firewall on it and the frekking craped worked 100% perfectly

    soooo turns out in the end that the mini-itx board can only handle 2 irq  on its pci port the quadcards take up 4

    or atleast thats what i think

    if anyone can tell me what the hell im doing wrong if im wrong about this that is PLS tell me now couse they may cimitt me  if i keep banging my heador charge me for a new wall


  • sorry i realize that i should have posted this under hardware i blame the hard wall  ;D

  • The PCI bus has 4 interrupt request lines. Perhaps only 2 are connected on the PCI slots on the mini-ITX boards you tried. (If so, that seems very naughty.)

    Are you able to get dc2 and/or dc3 working?

  • Yes dc2 and dc3 works perfect

  • @Nosen:

    So i began my journey a few dayback with a intel mini-itx board

    Whats the make/model of your motherboard?

  • one ASUS AT5NM10-I and one Intel D425KT

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