Routing with Two Gateway with non transparent proxy

  • Hi I am using pfsense 2.0,

    My setup got 3 NIC, one WAN (PPPoE), one LAN ( and one DMZ ( The LAN and DMZ is bridged together.

    LAN default gateway via PPPoE (which uses proxy within the box) - where the originating IP will be a dynamic IP provided by the ISP.

    In order for the LAN client to access using fixed IP, the LAN client must use DMZ's gateway IP (, which need it to have a different proxy IP ( at port 8080). - I need this fixed IP to access some servers which only allow by originating IP, and I am setting a static route for this.

    At the moment besides than getting the static route to accomplish this, I had to manually set the IP, Gateway and Proxy settings.

    Is there a way to simplify and automate this?

    Thank you in advance.

  • I had tried creating NAT –> Port Forward:

    Interface: LAN
    Protocol: TCP
    Destination: Single Host & <ip of="" my="" a="" server="" which="" require="" passing="" by="" proxy="">Destination Port: HTTP
    Redirect target IP: <ip of="" my="" other="" proxy="" server="" in="" another="" subnet="">Redirect target Port: 8080
    NAT reflection: use system default

    Anything that I miss?  >:(</ip></ip>

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